Organic Seasoning

Perfect Earth Foods

We offer Certified Organic Seasoning Blends with our prestige experiences and freshness & finest of Herbs, spices and vegetables raw materials grown by ourselves (farmers) in Northern area of Thailand, in natural and organic farms where clean mountainous water and fresh climate ensure the healthy growth of some of the most delicious raw materials of the world.

We serve custom blends from our inhouse facilities/Operations, with various applications for Manufacturing Industries and Food Services by our inhouse Research & Development Food Scientist team, works with each customer to formulate topical delicious seasoning powders & sauces.

100% Organic

Full traceability of whole Organic Supply Chain, certified USDA & EU Organic by ECOCERT

Gluten Free

No contain barley, rye or wheat that is important for the health of some people

Low Sodium

Our organic seasoning help you to cooking healthy foods that are lower in sodium


No Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a seasoning used to enhance the flavor of food

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