Organic Rice Crackers

Perfect Earth Foods

Now Healthy Snacking Can Become a Habit!

When you feel a bit hungry and want a snack, the good tasting choices are often pretty unhealthy.

Now Perfect Earth offers a deliciously healthy choice. Try our new Organic Gluten Free Rice Crackers!

Made from sustainably grown certified organic rice. Rolled thin and toasted crispy (not fried).

Plain and seasoned with our own all-natural and organic seasonings.

Give you best dips, spreads and cheeses a great new companion. Healthy might become a habit.

100% Organic

Full traceability of whole Organic Supply Chain, certified USDA & EU Organic by ECOCERT

Gluten Free

No contain barley, rye or wheat that is important for the health of some people

Baked Not Fried

Our crackers are baked, not fried, no palm oil and they come with more health.


No Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a seasoning used to enhance the flavor of food

Our Certifications

For Perfect Earth Foods Products

Thai Organic Rice

Perfect Earth Foods

Our rice is grown in the verdant hills of Northern Thailand in Chiangrai Province, the region once known as the Lanna Kingdom, the kingdom of a million rice fields. Our rice is cultivated in natural organic farms where clean mountain water provides the perfect environment to ensure the healthy growth of one of the most delicious and aromatic rice in the world.

We take pride in our roots and honor the natural beauty of the cultivated region and that becomes our value through our organic snacks.

Nutrition Facts

Perfect Earth Organic Rice Crackers
Organic Rice Crackers Original
per Serving 100 g.
  1. Energy 411 Cal.
  2. Total Fat 7.04 g.
  3. Total Carbohydrate 75.6 g.
  4. Protein 8.65 g.
  5. Dietary Fibre 3.07 g.
  6. Sugars <1 mg.
  7. Sodium 97.4 mg.
Organic Rice Crackers Chia Seeds
per Serving 100 g.
  1. Energy 399 Cal.
  2. Total Fat 6.16 g.
  3. Total Carbohydrate 73.5 g.
  4. Protein 9.21 g.
  5. Dietary Fibre 4.31 g.
  6. Sugars <1 mg.
  7. Sodium 92.6 mg.
Organic Rice Crackers Green Tea & Seaweed
per Serving 100 g.
  1. Energy 393 Cal.
  2. Total Fat 3.06 g.
  3. Total Carbohydrate 79.4 g.
  4. Protein 8.69 g.
  5. Dietary Fibre 3.73 g.
  6. Sugars <1 mg.
  7. Sodium 42.0 mg.

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